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Pack 35 Camp at Lagoon Memorial Park (DAV) Dec 01-02

WHEN:  Saturday – Sunday, December 1 & 2, 2012
WHERE:  DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Memorial Park, 2685 N. Nimitz Hwy
WHO:  Pack 35 Cub Scouts & Families

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Here are the driving directions to the DAV Memorial Park
on Nimitz Hwy near the airport:

From Manoa, take H-1 airport-bound and bear right where H-1 splits off as if
you’re going to the airport. As the exit ramp curves around to the left,
look for the Nimitz Hwy exit on the right. Take that Nimitz Hwy exit and
when you reach the bottom of the Nimitz access ramp, move all the way to the
left-most lane of Nimitz Hwy.  At the first stop light (Lagoon Dr), make a
U-turn and move to the right-most lane as you double back on Nimitz Hwy
about 300 feet to the DAV Park exit on the right.

When you enter the park, stay left to get to the parking lots.

Unlock/Lockup – Quartermaster
Load Equipment – Webelos 2 & Bears
Return Equipment – Webelos 1 & Wolves
Campfire Supplies – Quartermaster
Awards – Advancement Chair
Dinner – Webelos 2
Dinner Invocation – Webelos 1
Dinner Clean-Up – Tigers
Night Snack – Wolves
Breakfast – Bears
Breakfast Clean-Up – Webelos 1
If you have not already confirmed your attendance, please do so now.  The fee is $10/person due after dinner on Saturday night, 12/1.  Commitment by e-mail means that if 3 people commit and 2 people show for a family, that family will need to pay for the 3 people.  No commitment means that the family risks not having enough food for them.

See: pack 35 camp equipment list



WHEN: Saturday, November 10, 2011, 8:30 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.

WHERE: Noelani Elementary School

WHO: Pack 35 Cub Scouts and Parents

UNIFORM: Field uniform (Class A)

We are less than a week away from the Noelani Craft Fair!  Pack 35’s contribution to Noelani’s annual craft fair is to staff the cold drink concession. We will be helping in front of the library and also a secondary location by the keiki rides.  You may sign up for a shift at the following link:

No scout or den should have to commit more than one hour to the effort — the other four hours of the fair are to be available for our scouts to enjoy the other activities — rides, games, food — of the fair.

We should have at least three scouts per shift (more is okay) at each location, with at least one adult supervising and handling the cash box at the keiki rides (the Boy Scout parents will be helping at the library location); more than one adult is preferred.  ALL DENS need to contribute to this service activity.   Noelani usually provides a free lunch for the Scouts.

A suggestion regarding the Class A uniform at events like this one: don’t overdo non-permanent additions that may get lost or become a distraction, such as medals and activity beads, unless you’re confident they are securely attached. Be sure that the prongs on the rear of the neckerchief slide are pressed inward against the neckerchief to secure the slide from sliding off.

Thank you!

Mike Nitta

Pack Chair

Pack 35

Cub Scouts Popcorn Sales

Popcorn store front sales

a.      October 14, 2012, Sunday 8:00am – 12pm  at Beretania Foodland

b.      October 14, 2012  Sunday 4:00pm- 7:00pm  at Beretania Foodland

c.      October 21, 2012  Sunday 8:00am – 12pm  at Market City Foodland

Class- A uniform please

Please go to the following link to sign up:

Please see orders form and sales flyer for what is available.

Popcorn Sales flyers

Popcorn Sales order form

Cub Scout Pack Night Friday, September 21

Dear Pack 35 Cub Scouts and Families,

WHEN: Friday, September 21, 2012, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Noelani Elementary School cafeteria
WHO: Pack 35 Cub Scouts and Families

Pack 35 will hold its first formal all-Pack meeting of the 2012-2013 academic year on Friday evening next week at 6:30 p.m.  The agenda includes distributing awards achieved over the summer by our Scouts, important announcements and details about upcoming events on the Pack 35 calendar, appointment of this committee assignments and den leaders, payment on assessment fees (please bring your checkbook) and some fun and instructive games.  We invite our new parents to join in the active leadership of their dens and of the pack for the coming year.

UNIFORM: Field uniform (also called the “Class A uniform”)

I’m recommending to our newest Scouts that you WAIT UNTIL AFTER the Pack Night meeting to purchase your uniform.  We have uniform shirts, shorts, caps, and neckerchiefs donated by Pack 35 families available for the taking, so you may have an opportunity to pare down the cost of a new uniform
You will also have a chance to purchase a Pack 35 t-shirt, which is our “Activity uniform” (or “Class B uniform”) for those events (and there will plenty of them) where getting a little messy, wet, sweaty and/or muddy is inevitable.

Details of the evening’s program will follow in an update to this message.  I’ve attached a pdf of our latest Pack calendar all “Pack” events for the coming year.

Come prepared for an award-filled and fun evening!
See you there!

Mike Nitta

Committee Chair

Aloha Council Family Overnighter, this Friday!

I received the invitation below from Aloha Council’s Kapiolani District for a new-Scouts-only overnight campout on Friday night, 9/23/11.  I know this is short notice, and the event was not on our pack calendar, but it looks like a good way to have a first scout camping experience at a very nice location close by (the DAV center is by the airport).  Aloha Council is expressing its appreciation for all of the new families who have recognized scouting’s promise for their boys.

Please see the attached brochure if you are interest in camping out this Friday night with the new Cub Scouts of Kapiolani District.  The brochure has a contact number (595-6366) at Aloha Council  if you needed more info.  It’s easy to register – just show up on Friday at 6 pm!  It’s only $7/person, and the program includes a campfire, breakfast, and games; and each new Cub Scout will receive his first patch!

Download Aloha Council’s Family Overnighter Flyer.

Cubmaster Jim

Pack Night this Friday, September 16th, 7-8:30PM

WHEN: Friday, September 16, 2011, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Noelani Elementary School cafeteria
WHO: Pack 35 Cub Scouts and Families

Pack 35 will hold its first formal all-Pack meeting of the 2011-2012 academic year on Friday evening next week at 7:00 p.m. The agenda includes distributing awards achieved over the summer by our Scouts, important announcements and details about upcoming events on the Pack 35 calendar, appointment of this AY’s committee assignments and den leaders, and some fun and instructive games. We invite our new parents to join in the active leadership of their dens and of the pack for the coming year.

See you there!

Fall Recruitment Night this Friday August 26th, 6PM, Noelani Cafeteria

Pack 35 Recruitment Event this Friday!

What: Cub Scout Recruitment Night, Pack 35
When: Friday, August 26, 2011, 6-7PM
Where: Noelani Elementary cafeteria (2655 Woodlawn Dr.)
Who: Boys currently in Kindergarten through 4th grade!

This Friday August 26, Noelani Pack 35 will be hosting its annual Fall Recruitment Night at the Noelani cafeteria from 6-7PM. This is an information meeting aimed at parents of prospective scouts. Cubmaster Jim and other adult leaders will talk about goals and values of Scouting and show how Noelani Pack 35 works (and plays) toward those goals. There will be a slide show from activities over the past year: rocket launching, snorkeling at Shark’s Cove, Pinewood Derby, camping, Good Turn Day, and much more!

Scout parents, please have your scout wear his Class A uniform Wednesday, August 24th. Mahalo!

2011 Fall Recruitment Friday, August 26th

Aloha! Pack 35 will host its 2011 Fall Recruitment event on Friday, August 26 2011 at 6PM in the Noelani cafeteria. Come hear about our Pack’s exciting schedule of events for the year!

Makahiki 2011 Follow-up

Dear Pack 35 Cub Scouts and Families,

What a great day it turned out to be!  Sunny weather and a mild breeze set the stage.  The largest group of military displays ever at Makahiki, with soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coastguardsmen hosting scout tours of their exhibits, combined with scores of activities hosted by Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops from all over Oahu, kept up the non-stop show from the opening ceremony right up to the closing ceremony (and beyond for the Boy Scouts).  There was even a reporter from the Star-Advertiser working his way through the activities and taking pictures, so look for a feature about Makahiki in the Sunday newspaper!

Pack 35 came through in great form (as if anything else were expected)!  The chipping challenge booth was a success on all counts.  We had a reasonably steady flow of customers, gave a reward to every challenger (and extra to those who scored a target hit), and even had opportunities for our own Cub Scouts to try out the chipping challenge themselves during each shift. Most of all, the Cub Scouts of Pack 35 moved right into the business of administering the chipping challenge activity themselves: handing out the right golf clubs according to size and left/right handedness, feeding the supply of wiffle balls to each golfer, handing out prizes, gathering up the wiffle balls at intervals, and even coaching new golfers with tips on addressing the golf ball and on swinging the club.  Those key points, combined with parents’ vigilance about safety, made the whole effort a smooth performance from start to finish.

Thanks are due to all of our participating Cub Scouts and their families for making the day a success!  And special thanks go to Kim for providing the truck that got our gear to the park and back and for providing the golf clubs, to Steven Sakata for the loan of the golf nets, and to all who helped setting up on Friday evening and Saturday morning, and packing away the gear at the end of the day Saturday!

REMINDER REGARDING TICKETS: Ticket sales cash and unsold ticket books are due to Kim by the end of the day on Wednesday, May 4.  Work with your Den Leader, if needed, to be sure that the original number of ticket books is accounted for either in the form of payment or by the ticket books themselves.

Next up during May: Noelani Mayfair (opening flag ceremony), Spring Recruitment Night, Pack Graduation, and Good Turn Day.  Also, note these dates in June: Summer Day Camp, Friday June 10 and Saturday June 11 at Sand Island!

On Deck: 2011 Pinewood Derby!

Aloha Pack 35 families,

It’s that time again, the event our scouts have been waiting for…PINEWOOD DERBY! This event is a lot of fun for all ages. As always, this is an activity for your scout and as such, please make sure they are the ones building the pinewood derby car (with parent assistance).

  • When: Sunday, February 20
  • Time: Registration, 8:00am; Races begin at 9:00am
  • Where: Noelani cafeteria
  • Cub Scouts, please wear Class A uniforms

Scouts receive one free car kit. Siblings, parents and friends can race a car (in separate categories), but those additional kits will cost $4 each.
Bill Unruh is coordinating the car kit orders. Please let him know (email: ) how many you want to order including your breakdown (1-free for your scout and how many you want to buy for siblings and/or families). Please let them know by 5pm on Wednesday, February 2nd. The car kits will be ready for pick-up at our workshop at 3:15pm (2/5) in the Noelani cafeteria. Please bring exact cash or check (made out to “Pack 35”) to pay for any extras you purchase.

Cub Scouts, please wear Class B uniforms
Saturday, February 5th, 3:15pm to 6pm, Noelani cafeteria
A master cutter (Russell Shigeoka) will be there to make the main cuts, help with the power sander, and answer questions.

Below are final instructions for our Pinewood Derby. Please be sure to adhere to the rules (PDF) in order not to be disqualified!
  1. PRE-REGISTRATION & INSPECTION. Saturday, February 19, 6pm-7pm, Noelani You can pre-register your car on Saturday. We will have the official Pack 35 triple-beam scale and official registration sheets. If you are satisfied with your entry at pre-registration, we can impound the car until the next morning, so all you have to do is show up Sunday morning ready to enjoy the races. If you don’t impound the car Saturday night, you will have to go through the full inspection again Sunday morning.
  2. Important, please email Larry Denneau (email: )the following info. by Sunday, February 13th: full name (first, last) of ALL Pinewood Derby racers in your family. Include in this breakdown order Scout name, parent name(s), sibling(s), friends. We need to pre-load these names to our computerized finish line program.
  3. OFFICIAL PINEWOOD DERBY RULES. Please review the Official Pack 35 Pinewood Derby Rules available on our website. These are particularly important for Scouts, as our rules are aligned with rules used at the island-wide Makahiki races. Winners from our races will represent us at Makahiki in April! [Makahiki official rules are available online via the Aloha Council website.]
  4. RACES. Races begin at 9:00am on 2/20. Scouts will compete first within their own den in a series of elimination races… and medals will be awarded for top den finishers. The top four finishers from each den will move on to our Pack-level competition. The top four finishers in the Pack will be awarded trophies. Tigers will race first, then Wolves, Bears, Webelos, Pack Finals, Siblings, and Parents.
  5. ADDITIONAL TROPHY CATEGORIES. Trophies also will be awarded for top Scout efforts in the following categories: Most Creative, Most Humorous, Best Workmanship by a Scout, and Best Design. All parents will be judges for these categories.
  6. SIBLING and PARENT RACES. Trophies will be awarded to the top race finisher in both the sibling and parent race categories.

Note: Trophies and medals will be presented at the Blue & Gold Banquet just a few weeks later on March 5.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. We are all looking forward to a fun morning of races!

Wolf and Bear dens will be running our Derby Dog Snack Shop, so there will be plenty of things to eat and drink on race morning, please bring your money to buy food.

Please be sure to thank your Pinewood derby volunteers, without these folks this Pinewood Derby would not be happening:

  • Russell Shigeoka
  • Mike Nitta
  • Larry Denneau
  • Andrew Tao
  • Kim Kepner-Sybounmy
  • Lorrie Unruh
  • Mike Pokorney
  • Jay Personius
See you soon!
Bill Unruh